Exploring the Best Horseback Riding Trails in Harrison County, Mississippi

Are you looking for the best horseback riding trails in Harrison County, Mississippi? Look no further! Wildwood Farm & Tack Shop, Green Woods Stables RV Park, Horserideforfun.com, Horse Haven, and L Wolfshohl Horse are some of the top spots for horseback riding in the area. In addition to these great locations, Mississippi's national forests offer approximately 115 miles of designated horse trails spread across the state. When it comes to exploring these trails, it is essential to take steps to leave no trace. Additionally, riders should be aware that people unfamiliar with livestock may not know what to do when they meet you on the trail.

It is important to start a conversation to let them know what they need to do to safely cross it on the trail. If you're looking for a remote trail with little traffic, Big Foot Horse Trail located in the De Soto National Forest is an excellent option. This trail covers terrain that is sure to inspire the inner explorer. You'll find a series of roots that stretch along the trail and potholes along the trail that sometimes need to be crossed creatively.

The Harrison County Fairgrounds is another great spot for horseback riding. This comprehensive, multipurpose sports and entertainment complex is situated on 640 acres and features eight regular-sized soccer fields, 3 permanent outdoor stadiums, 46 motorhome sites with 26% water and electricity, an indoor stadium with an area of 130 feet x 250 feet, 8 platforms for temporary stands with 26% electric water, a large heating area, public address system, lighting, food stand and bathrooms with showers. Whether you're looking for a remote trail or a more populated one, Harrison County has plenty of options for horseback riding. With its vast array of trails and facilities, it's no wonder why so many riders choose this area as their go-to destination for equestrian activities.

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